The technical crew of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) finally has the new luminaire upgrade it has been waiting on since 1998. Over the past two months Selecon has supplied its largest order to a single client--over 700 luminaires, including Pacific 5.5/13º, 12/28º, 23/50º, and 90º units, and both Arena and 1200 High Performance fresnels and PCs. In a move away from its established inventory, QPAC is now using zoom profiles front of house in preference to fixed-angle units.

Supplied by The Production Shop, Selecon’s Queensland dealer, the decision to choose Selecon luminaires came after months of extensive tests held at the Centre under the exacting eye of David Schultz, lighting manager, and his crew. Tim Kennard, at that time of The Production Shop, arranged the numerous sample units and provided the technical backup.

Richard Stuart, Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s executive manager of technical services (left), Graham Hicks of The Production Shop (center), and Jeremy Collins of Selecon (right) in QPAC’s Optus Playhouse.