Internationally renowned LD Patrick Woodroffe, working with his long time Associate Designer Adam Bassett, has designed a new set of gobos for the industry standard Martin MAC 2000 Profile. The Woodroffe Gobo Collection, which had its first showing at the Martin stand at the PLASA exhibition in London, creates a whole new set of design opportunities. All of the new gobos will be produced in glass in order to give the best image quality possible, both in terms of output and picture sharpness.

Woodroffe spoke to Martin about his inspirations and designs for the gobo collection. Below are excerpts from his comments.

“Our aim in designing a new set of gobos for the MAC 2000 Profile was to give a new lease of life to a well-loved and familiar fixture, and so allow designers to rediscover its potential,” Woodroffe explains.

“We were determined that each gobo had to work on its own merits, either as a simple projection or as a kinetic effect when looking back down the light," he continues. "The three-dimensional depth and mesmeric effects as the designer combines different gobos in their various permutations should be seen as a bonus."

“Nature and architecture have been constant inspirations in the choice of images, but we have been surprised at how, under certain conditions of focus and zoom, one element has so easily taken on such a different form, mood and appearance."

“In designing the gobos we have been mindful of the need for the images to work for a variety of disciplines and designers - for theatre, for television, for live performance and for installations. I hope that there is something here for everyone.”

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