New to the DPSS White light Laser market is the Aurora from Audiolight . The system runs off of a normal 13-amp socket and projects rich colors at 1500mW.

The system can produce extremely sharp, high-quality images and text messages due to the very tight beam projection. The spectrum of pure colors produced from the Aurora lends itself to corporate advertising and light shows in venues like nightclubs, bars, outdoor events.

Rob Fisher, of Audiolight says, "The Aurora is an outstanding system–I was astounded at the projection quality, and can see this system being used in many applications, may it be venues, corporate, open-air or for projection."

The system is equipped with PC, Zion 3D Software, Laser and all necessary cables. The Zion 3D laser show provides an easy-to-use interface, enabling quick rendering of 2D, 3D and text based graphics, auto-tracing and animations.

If you are looking to do beam projection, then Zion 3D can produce a breathtaking show, utilizing one or more of its many in-built, pre-programmed shows, or you can create your own show within minutes. The compact Aurora can be quickly and easily set-up for any touring event, open air or indoor show, and because the system doesn't require 3-phase or water, it can be rigged in virtually any location: plugged in and running within 10 minutes.

The Aurora comes complete with an advanced, custom built PC, TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse with the Zion Laser software pre-installed. A carry handle is conveniently positioned on top of the base unit, allowing it to be easily transported.