4Wall Entertainment

was chosen to provide the lighting equipment for the Volkswagen of America 2003 North American Dealer Meeting. The project was produced by MVP Communications and took place in Scottsdale, AZ, May 6-10, 2003. Lighting designers Chris Dallos and Jeffrey McRoberts had just about one month to design shows for 12 different venues in two distinct locations--a Civic Center Atrium and an outdoor park.

Dallos says, "Venues and scenery changed until two weeks out, making 4Wall invaluable in their ability to roll with the fast and furious changes." According to McRoberts, the largest obstacles were the size and logistics of the show. Despite the input of two lighting designers and a total of 12 venues, the entire show displayed the continuity and consistency of Volkswagen's message.

When asked why he chose 4Wall, McRoberts replied, "4Wall has always come through with the right gear, the right attitude, and the right support. They are big enough to handle a project of this size. Absolutely, without question, I would consider using 4Wall for any show, anywhere in the country." Dallos adds, "I chose 4Wall Entertainment because they are a great shop that would get me the gear I needed without making substitutions. Plus, they understood the nature of the event, allowing the gear to be packed per venue as opposed to just one large order. All went beautifully and we pulled it off within the crazy time schedule. To quote the head of Volkswagen North America, 'You hit a home run!'"

Dallos and McRoberts would like to thank Brendan Gray, associate in the ballrooms, and Mike Jones, who assisted McRoberts in the tents, production electricians Mike Grimes, Brian Stark, Al Dewey, and Ray Barrera, plus Laura Frank and Doug Gentile for their programming. Chris Dallos can be contacted by phone at 212-279-0611. Jeffrey McRoberts can be reached at 212-758-9930.