Nils Thorjussen, co-founder of Flying Pig Systems and subsequently marketing VP at High End Systems until last year, has returned to the lighting industry. Along with lighting veterans Chris Varrin and Jeremy Hochman, Thorjussen has set up Bright Lighting LLC to market lighting products using LEDs, which deliver long life, minimal maintenance, and high energy efficiency, while providing extraordinarily bright colors. "The double meaning in the Bright of the company name is deliberate," says Thorjussen. "Our products are extremely clever, highly innovative, and very eye-catching."

Color Stream™, the first product from Bright Lighting, looks like a fluorescent tube but changes color, generates patterns, and moves them along the tube. "It’s just like neon with pixels," says Thorjussen. "Color Stream rivets your attention with flowing and ebbing streams of saturated, colored light. It’s stunningly beautiful. In fact, when I first saw Color Stream, I was floored. I couldn’t actually figure out what was creating the effect."

The effect is created by a linear array of LEDs housed in an IP66 weatherproof tube suitable for interior and exterior applications. When multiple tubes are linked together, pre-programmed or custom effects cascade down the daisy-chained units. A variety of shapes, lengths, and widths make Color Stream suitable for a wide variety of applications. Color Stream enables lighting effects that were previously impossible to achieve. To better understand what streaming color looks like, view the images at

Color Stream has been licensed to Bright Lighting by UK-based lighting designers Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG), who developed the system some years ago. "We had to wait for LEDs to become more accessible from a cost point of view before we had a viable product," says Tony Gottelier of WWG.