Cast Software has announced that, with the installation by AC Lighting at McAuley Catholic School, Doncaster, England, 100 colleges, universities, high schools and other academic facilities have now selected WYSIWYG Learn as a teaching tool.

With a multiple-seat networked license, allowing 10 users to operate WYSIWYG Report or Design simultaneously, WYSIWYG Learn was designed specifically for these educational institutions. One user at a time can also make use of Perform 500 for real-time simulation. With a basic cost of $500 for 10 seats, an installation of WYSIWYG Learn comes complete with onsite training from a CAST AWT (Authorized WYSIWYG Trainer), including curriculum course outlines; additional licenses can be added to suit the application.

Because the Learn package bundles the entire suite of WYSIWYG products, working in either 2D or 3D environments is optional. Students can design all aspects of their lighting--from all necessary paperwork, design and plotting, through pre-cueing their entire production--all in real time, and all with the most comprehensive and accurate fixture library available. Regardless of their need to create photo-realistic renderings of their looks or spending time finessing moving lights to learn the intricacies of timing, Learn provides an unmatched environment for exploration and education.

Gilray Densham, president of Cast Software, has made the educational initiative a prime company effort: “Because we believe this software tool is so valuable to all in the lighting industry, we started the program to get WYSIWYG in the hands of all up and coming lighting people. All Learn installs will be upgraded to the latest software release--free-of-charge--currently updated once a quarter. This way the new Lighting Professionals will always be up to date and on the leading edge with our software.”

See for more information about the Learn program.