Warren Flynn and Brian E. Kuehne have announced the formation of a new design partnership called SPACECOAST VISUAL which will concentrate on corporate theatre and concert touring markets.

With Flynn and Kuehne's diverse yet complimentary design and programming talents along with their over forty years of experience in entertainment lighting it shall not be long before they see themselves expanding into all areas of the lighting market.

"This is an exciting time for Brian and me," remarked Flynn. "We are both recognized as programmers who also design, and this allows us to firmly state that we are lighting designers who also program."

Flynn is probably best known for his work on Broadway. The Tony Award winning musical Thoroughly Modern Millie and the new musical Wicked have all benefited from Warren's experience and dedication. Corporate theatre clients of Flynn's include Morgan Stanley, Nextel, and Wendy's. Warren's design work has been seen on tour with of Dashboard Confessional. Warren got his start in the 1980s as a roadie for a local band in New Jersey. By his 20th birthday he was designing the lighting of a roster of New York and New Jersey bands. He has since worked on productions as disparate as the Radio City Music Hall Easter Extravaganza, the Olympic Games, the Daytime Emmy awards, both Species feature films and lighting the Times Square Ball for New Years Eve 2000.

"Warren and I have known each other for years," says Kuehne. "Our relationship and diverse client portfolio allow us, as a team, to cater to a very wide range of clients. We can offer them the best possible service, both in terms of a streamlined design process and the quality of that design. We combine a designer's eye with a programmer's practicality that maximizes the time available and minimizes the budgetary pressures."

Born and educated in Chicago, Illinois, Kuehne studied theatrical lighting, television and audio engineering in college. Soon after leaving college, Kuehne was working with lighting companies in Chicago, servicing the concert touring industry on a full time basis. Kuehne has worked as a programmer, designer and also video director for an eclectic mix of productions including the 2001 and 2002 John Mellencamp summer tours, but his undoubted specialty is corporate theatre. He has worked for such names as AstraZeneca, Ericsson Mobile, Motorola, Apple Computer, Wells Fargo, Sega, Nintendo and AT&T. Based in central Florida, but working in the global village, SPACECOAST VISUAL will combine a designer's eye with a programmer's practicality to provide a single interpretive vision for productions.

For further details check out their website www.spacecoastvisual.com.