I. Weiss introduces SOFT-LED™ Backdrops in cooperation with Main Light Industries. Soft-LED combines the advantages of LED technology with the flexibility and portability of a fabric drop. Each backdrop contains a grid of tri-color LED nodes that can be individually controlled, resulting in an infinite number of colors, shapes, patterns and even intricate light shows. The tighter the grid spacing the higher the resolution. LED nodes can be combined with a random spread of fiber optic stars for additional depth and effect. Drops currently on the market have been so manufactured.

The Light Systems Composer’s software lets you create your designs anywhere you can take your laptop. You can choose from a library of visual effects or you can use your own images from other applications. You simply upload the finished design to the Light System Engine (LSE), an Ethernet-based hardware controller that stores and plays your show and you’re ready to go. With the LSE you can assign ways to trigger playback, including DMX signals and keypad inputs.

The advantages of the Soft-LED system are well worth it when compared with more traditional LED walls. The drop weighs in at only .2 lbs per square foot and all components can be placed in hampers and road cases for storage and touring. Set-up and tear down take only minutes.