GAM Products

is having a New York open house at Barbizon New York on June 6 from 2 – 6:30. Steve Hoffman will be demonstrating the new SX4, which converts your ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal into a compact scenic projector. The SX4 is designed for continuous operation, over 4,000 hours of loop life and built for long running applications like theme parks, retail spaces, and museums where long operating hours are the norm.

Also being demonstrated is GAM’s 575W HMI conversion of the Source 4. At three times the brightness of the standard Source 4, this unit features hot re-strike and an electronic DMX controlled ballast.

Please come by and tryout some new tools for your lighting toolbox. For further information, please contact Tom Casazza at Barbizon. 212-586-1620.

Barbizon New York, 456 West 55th Street, New York, NY