Worldwide theatrical lighting manufacturer Selecon Lighting of Auckland, New Zealand has reached an agreement with worldwide automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems (HES) to acquire intellectual property (IP) in the field of optical dimming. Selecon under the agreement has purchased U.S Patent 6,241,366 titled "Lighting System with Diffusing Dimmer" for an undisclosed amount. The acquired technology is likely to be employed in Selecon's advanced technology Pacific Ellipsoidals.

HES Chief Technology Officer Richard Belliveau states, "We are very pleased to form this agreement with Selecon Lighting. Selecon is an innovator in the field of theatrical instruments and we believe that the acquired technology is a perfect match for their new products."

Jeremy Collins, Managing Director for Selecon Lighting, adds, "High End's IP will allow us to deliver an improved dimming solution for our Pacific MSR line at an affordable cost. Combining the highly efficient MSR light source with the Pacific Ellipsoidal delivers a beam with the output to balance or cut through high performance moving lights. A new dowser incorporating HES IP delivers on our goal of a mechanical dimming action close to the response of a tungsten halogen lamp. This new line is planned for introduction in early 2005."