When Hermann Sorger, the engineer behind the world-famous Pani projectors, decided to expand into the UK and Ireland with his company Lighting Innovation, he called upon Peter Ed of PE Consulting. "We needed someone who understands the peculiarities and needs of the British theatre and opera house markets," said Sorger, main engineer of the Pani large-format projector and founder of Austria-based Lighting Innovation, which he established in 1997 with Harald and Birgitta Sorger. "I've known Peter for over 10 years and he's the ideal person to communicate the benefits of our products to British technicians, specifiers, and consultants."

Peter Ed has worked with some of the industry's most influential global entertainment technology companies over his 24 years in the business. "I am delighted to be working with such a big industry name as Hermann Sorger," Ed commented. "He joined Pani in 1955 and began designing projectors in 1967. Today's Pani equipment has many design characteristics that can be traced back to Hermann. He's a remarkable man and was the first winner of the PLASA Achievement award."

Ed launched PE Consulting earlier this year to provide business development expertise to entertainment technology and themed entertainment companies that wish to grow business in new markets and countries. The firm has great plans for the range of Lighting Innovation products. "The product range was extremely well received at the recent ABTT show, with a number of people expressing an interest," said Ed.

Installations of Lighting Innovation products include the Volksteater in Austria, Finlandia Hall in Finland, Etcetera Theatre in Russia, and Denver Center of Performing Arts in the US. Most recently, Theatre Projects Consultants specified 62 Motoryokes from Lighting Innovation for Esplanade Theatres on the Bay in Singapore, due to open in October 2002.