Kent Mathieu, former creative director and owner of UVFX Scenic Productions, has launched UVART, a scenic services company specializing in design and production of Ultraviolet visual effects.

Mathieu founded his new venture after ten years of research and experience developing unique techniques and resources of his own. He has created and directed work for major entertainment features and attractions such as Queen Mary’s on board Day to Night and Sunset paintings, Sony’s Spiderman 2 premiere displays, Cirque productions, Atchafalaya Theater in Louisiana, and has collaborated with Wildfire Inc. on the new Universal Studio’s Mummy’s Revenge rollercoaster.

In order to provide clients with the ultimate scenic effects, Mathieu developed his own line of noncommercial X colors: paints that are clear in appearance yet emit the rainbow spectrum of fluorescent colors under UV lighting. These colors are currently available only through UVART.

"The ultraviolet scenic effect is still best as a handpainted artwork," said Mathieu. "By painting with different types of custom fluorescent formulas and lighting that work with UV light fixtures, UVART is able to provide the latest innovations."

Mathieu’s accomplishments total more than 60 specialized UV projects in just the past five years, making him the leading artist in the industry. UVART production facilities are located in Hollywood, California with studio facilities in Glendale, California.