Following negotiations with the founding owners of Swedish gobo manufacturer Beacon, Martin has purchased 25% of the share capital of the company with an option to purchase an additional 15%.

Martin's capital investment in the company is intended to ensure Beacon's aggressive growth strategy, while guaranteeing future influence on the company's development. Beacon will continue to operate as a fully independent company. Its three owners will continue to head the company while Martin makes its influence felt through the Board of Directors.

Martin considers Beacon to be the absolute leading producer of high-quality glass gobos in the lighting industry and has therefore found it natural to create a strategic partnership specifically with this company. Martin's investment in Beacon will ensure a future supply of quality gobos as well as provide an injection of creative resources to further influence the development and use of creative gobo designs in the worldwide lighting industry.

Following Martin's introduction of the MAC 2000, Beacon became Martin's most important gobo supplier. Martin expects continued strong growth in the use of gobos worldwide. Beacon's strength in the areas of innovation and product quality, coupled with Martin's extensive global distribution network, is the ideal mix in order to achieve a substantial part of this market potential.