The spring concert touring season is well underway and companies are eagerly announcing who’s doing what.

Martin Professional has gear on several major tours. This season’s big band, Creed, is out with a rig that includes eight Mac 2000 Performance framing spots; James “Poop” Poepping is the LD… The classic rock group Crosby, Stills Nash, and Young have reunited under a Mac rig for its US tour. The LD is Keith Wissmar, with equipment supplied by Bandit Lites…Lighting the Lenny Kravitz tour is LD Jon Pollak, using Mac 2000s…. The ex-Beatle and rock icon Paul McCartney is touring the US under 50 Mac 2000E's (electronic ballast). Lighting design is by Roy Bennett, with lighting supply by Light and Sound Design…Barry Manilow’s latest world tour features a lighting design by Seth Jackson and a rig supplied by Bandit Lites centered about Martin Macs. Westlife is on it’s latest European and UK tour with Bandit Lites supplying a Mac rig and heavy fog Jem Glaciator. Lighting design by Barry Halpin.

Meanwhile, Light and Sound Design (LSD) has announced a large number of UK tours. Enrique Inglesias is touring Europe this month through to late June. Designer Steve Cohen has Joel Young at the controls, a rig that relies heavily upon Coemar CF7s and PC Beams…The Ozzfest brings some metal back to Donnington Park this year on May 25th. LSD will be providing a huge rig, including over 400 pars for the main stage (Ozzie’s LD is Michael Keller) as well as Mac 2000s and Studio Colors. B Stage and Kerrang stage will also be lit by LSD supplied equipment…Rod Stewart will be touring Europe throughout June and July. Once again Mark ‘Pope’ Paine is designing, with a rig that comprises PC Beams, 5kWs, many assorted color changers and strobes, plus HMI Pars, all controlled from a Hog II…Tom Kenny has now finalized his design for the forthcoming tour by Santana, based around a 9m circular truss plus-20m back truss with downstage cranked ends, the lights include 36 Icons, 36 Studio Colors, Source Four Profiles and four Super Troopers.

You can read about Manilow in the April issue of Lighting Dimensions. Creed is featured in May. Stay tuned to Lighting Dimensions’ website for further announcements.