Philips Luminaires

and Martin Architectural have formed a commercial cooperation in Europe that enables Philips Luminaires to offer Martin Architectural’s range of luminaires within certain segments of the architectural lighting market. The cooperation is between Martin Architectural and Philips Luminaires and does not involve Martin’s entertainment division or any other division of Philips.

Philips will offer Martin Architectural products with the full support and technical back-up of Martin Architectural’s European distributors who will continue their own independent strategy of marketing and sales in all segments of the architectural lighting market. The agreement also gives Martin Architectural the opportunity to offer Philips luminaires. Martin Architectural will, however, continue its cooperation with Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S in Scandinavia.

The commercial cooperation has been underway since the beginning of the year on a pilot country basis in Spain and Portugal only, where it has met with success. The European-wide agreement has come into immediate effect.

"We see only a positive outcome for both parties to this cooperation," says Gorm Teichert, architectural international sales director, Martini. "We found a good synergy between our companies, and our cultural differences have so far only proven to be positive.

"As a company that specializes in adaptive and dynamic lighting, we have a unique set of products that forms an excellent complement to Philips’ own broad range. The cooperation will combine Philips’ market presence and experience with our strong service and technical abilities. Together we can offer clients the broadest possible range of lighting solutions with comprehensive technical back-up."

Ted van der Put, CEO of Philips Luminaires in Europe and senior vice president of Philips Lighting, stated, "We are excited to extend our leading luminaires position by teaming up with Martin, a very competent and fascinating player in imaginative architectural lighting. I am convinced our wide customer base in Europe will appreciate our enhanced offer in dynamic lighting solutions as a consequence of this partnership."

Kristian Kolding, Martin Professional President and CEO, commented, "We are delighted to be part of this important cooperation. We believe that by combining Philips’ outstanding market presence with our unique knowledge of dynamic light, we can offer the market the best possible range of lighting solutions."

Philips’ segmentation of the market means Martin Architectural will continue to pursue its niche of dynamic and color-changing lighting solutions to the wider market of architectural light.