The Mania PR1 is the fourth light fixture, and the first promotional projector, in Martin Professional's Mania series of low-cost, high quality lights. This high precision optic luminaire can herald an image, logo, decoration or message onto any wall, floor or ceiling.

With a rotating, interchangeable pattern disk (D-size gobo) you can adjust your message to whatever the occasion: parties, dancefloors, special events, birthdays, weddings. You provide the tunes and the Mania PR1 will ensure they remember your name. Gobo rotation speed is adjustable and brightness and clarity are exceptional. A color slot for interchangeable color filters adds to its functionality.

The Mania PR1 houses a long life 250W halogen lamp with manual focus and two spread angle options. As with all Mania products, there is no duty cycle, which means no cool down periods, so it can run all night.

Mania’s durable symmetrical housing comes complete with a hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle.

Other lights in the Mania series include the Mania EF1i flower effect, Mania DC1 water effect, and Mania DC2 fire effect. The Martin Mania series will eventually encompass effect lights, color changers, strobe lights, deco effects, scanners, promotional lights, and smoke machines.


- High precision projector light
- 24V/250Watt lamp included
- Rotating interchangeable gobo
- Option of steel or glass gobo
- Color slot for interchangeable color filter
- High-speed fan cooled - no duty cycle
- Adjustable gobo rotation speed
- Manual focus with spread angle (25° full angle)