Light Relief

, the industry charity that supports lighting designers with personal difficulties, has announced an initiative to raise awareness during the PLASA trade show this September.

"Gobos for Light Relief" is encouraging as many PLASA exhibitors as possible to use Light Relief colored glass gobos as part of their on-stand demonstrations. "Visitors will be confronted by a large projection of the logo at the front of the hall as they arrive," explained Tony Gottelier, co-founder of Light Relief. "The idea is that by encouraging exhibitors to participate, visitors will see the same image repeated all over the exhibition. We need to raise awareness of Light Relief and this is set to make a huge impact."

The project is sponsored by Apollo Design Technology, which is making available a quantity of Light Relief glass gobos and any number of metal ones. To participate, simply complete an online order form at either or . Alternatively, download the artwork from the Light Relief website--the color to match is Apollo Bikini Yellow, for which the Rosco and Lee equivalents are R312 Canary and L101 Yellow.

Any companies interested in other sponsorships should contact Tony Gottelier at