Leviton Manufacturing Company

was recently awarded Design Journal magazine's ADEX Award (Award for Design Excellence) for its A-2000 dimming cabinet. The ADEX award recognizes products for the architectural and interior design trade for superior design features. Judges consist of architects, designers, and specifiers. The annual competition attracted over 1,200 entries nationwide, and Leviton was one of 25 winners in the lighting category. The winning entries were featured in the March issue of Design Journal magazine.

Leviton's A-2000 modular dimming cabinets offer an economical, easy to install and service lighting control solution for incandescent, fluorescent, low-voltage, neon, and cold cathode loads. The cabinets feature a plug-in dimmer design with a housing capacity of up to 18 2.4kW electronic dimmers. They are stackable to accommodate 36 2.4kW dimmers that can be factory prewired yet still fit between two stud widths for a flush installation.

Installation applications include cafeterias, auditoriums, churches, lecture halls, conference rooms, restaurants, and other commercial environments. The dimmer cabinets can be conveniently flush-mounted or surface-mounted in any available hallway or room space and can be integrated with preset control systems, manual controls, building automation systems, time clocks, handheld preset infrared controllers, photocell energy conservation systems, and any other type of required control system.