Leviton Manufacturing Company

has introduced a new Contractor Connection CD-ROM, an interactive training tool that provides step-by-step instruction on how contractors can best market their businesses. The CD consists of two parts: Leviton’s popular Contractor Marketing Handbook, in circulation since 2000, now available as a downloadable PDF file, and the Contractor Marketing Tool Kit, an interactive practical guide with illustrative examples, handy templates, and ballpark cost estimates for implementing various strategies and programs.

Both the Marketing Handbook and the Contractor Took Kit instruct contractors on how to develop a marketing plan for their company, including step-by-step guidance on implementing the various elements of the plan. Using a familiar web-browser interface, the CD is highly intuitive to navigate and use. The point-and-click format streamlines navigation from one section of the CD to the next.

"Leviton developed this training resource with the busy contractor in mind. It’s a comprehensive but concise and snappy guide to writing a marketing plan and developing the various strategies to support the plan. We provide concrete illustrations on how to develop everything from advertising and direct mail programs, to building a website and developing appropriate signage for the business," said Gino Dabbicco, Leviton’s director of distribution marketing. "We’ve distilled the process into a simplified, ‘get everything you need to know on the subject’ primer that doesn’t require a substantial investment of the contractor’s time."

The CD also contains links to numerous web resources that contractors may find useful to their marketing efforts. It is available free of charge to attendees of Leviton’s Contractor Marketing Workshop and can also be obtained directly from Leviton Manufacturing for a nominal $4 fee to cover shipping and handling. For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing Company, 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362, phone: 800-323-8920.