LED lighting specialists i-Vision launch the latest in their Lumos range of LED products – the Lumos MR16. This is a direct replacement lamp for halogen MR16 sources.

It brings all the cost advantages of LED lighting – low running costs and power consumption; long lamp life – rated at 70,000 hours plus and is virtually maintenance free. Many practical advantages include low no heat emission, a softer superior light quality and a uniform beam coverage without hot-spots.

It’s simple to fit – just unplug the standard 50 Watt halogen lamp and plug in the Lumos MR16 … it runs off the same transformers, cabling, etc. The bulb comes with aluminium reflector and lens, and is available in red, yellow, blue, green, and white.

i-vision has sourced the product to meet market demand, "We’ve spent considerable time over the last 18 months researching and sourcing appropriate LED replacement lamps," states i-Vision’s Luke Dodd. "The resulting Lumos MR16 is the first direct replacement lamp that we’re completely satisfied with." The Lumos MR16 project followed i-Vision’s success in manufacturing its own Luxeon replacement lamp – the Lumos 3. They found that there was still much need for a cost-effective direct replacement lamp for the omnipresent MR16 bulb.

The Lumos MR16 is an excellent replacement for all types of applications. It’s distributed in the UK by i-Vision, and will be available worldwide through i-Vision’s growing dealer network.