As Hurricane Frances is projected to arrive in the central Florida area this Saturday, the offices of Super Vision will be closed tomorrow, Friday, September 3, 2004 in order for employees to prepare the office and their homes for the storm.

Any customers who have an urgent order, should notify their sales representative TODAY and the company will do everything possible to process your order and ship it out. Any customers with orders that are urgently needed for delivery, a project deadline, or a construction site in the next week should call and place their order TODAY. The hurricane may delay shipments up to a week.

Super Vision will also be closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday.

In the event there are power or service outages from the storm, Super Vision's offices may remain closed, or under partial operation until they are restored. This might mean that phones fax, internet web and email services could be disrupted as well.

To assist those customers that has urgent business Super Vision is providing the cell phone numbers for sales representatives below. Please keep in mind that in the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie that hit Florida a few weeks ago, cell phone circuits were very busy or in some case not functional. Depending on the severity of the storm, it may be requested that cell phone use may be restricted for emergency assistance situations.

Brett Kingstone: 407.758.8750
Al Knipling: 321.287.1342
Paula Vega: 407.716.9394
Paul Koren: 407.716.9394