Debuting at the PLASA 2004 show Sept. 12-15 in London is Flying Pig Systems’ Hog iPC, a full-featured lighting controller with an integrated (hence the "i" in its name) PC motherboard running Windows XP Embedded.

As part of the Wholehog 3 family, it operates using Hog 3PC software. However, it is also backwards compatible with the discontinued Hog 2PC software. Hog iPC comes standard with two external 12" touch screens, four universes of DMX output, Timecode input, MIDI input/output, internal hard drive, internal CDRW drive and 5 USB connectors.

All programming capabilities are the same as the Wholehog 3 Operating System. Users can network with other Hog iPC consoles, Wholehog 3 consoles and Hog 3PC computers. Additionally users can use the Remote Focus functionality with a networked Hog 3PC computer or tablet PC. Programming, Playback and Expansion wings connect to Hog iPC via USB connectors. Shows programmed on Hog iPC and Wholehog 3 are fully interchangeable (up to eight universes). "The new Hog iPC is an exciting product because users are able to easily switch the console between the Wholehog 3 or Wholehog 2 operating systems," says Brad Schiller, HES director of software development. "Although optimized for use with Hog 3PC software, it will function extremely well with the Hog 2PC software. The compact size and expandability options will help the Hog iPC to become popular with many programmers and designers."