High End Systems’ DL1‘ digital light fixture now features an optional Sony camera accessory that forms the basis of its patented Digital Eye” technology. The Digital Eye offers practical as well as special effect functions for event professionals.

The DL1 is the "bridge" between video and automated lighting. It has all the appearance of an automated light on a moving yoke. It even functions like a moving light. It allows digital media images to be projected virtually anywhere in 3-D space.

Digital Eye Technology now further enhances the DL1’s capabilities.

The DL1 outfitted with the Digital Eye technology features an infrared illuminator on one side of the DL1's lens, while the Digital Eye is positioned on the other side -- both inside the fixture's shell. When the infrared illuminator is activated, the Digital Eye reads the infrared waves and responds to it, operating in the dark and without emitting any visible light itself.

The Digital Eye is outfitted with a serial interface that connects internally to DL1, allowing it to be controlled through DMX. It uses 9 channels of DMX to access or adjust settings, such as zoom, blackout, shutters, focus, selectable white balance and other functions.

In practical terms, the Digital Eye is able to "see" through a dark environment. This offers a myriad of possible uses, such as allowing lighting directors, stage managers and other event professionals to view set changes or check the band's position in the dark; it can also be used to capture an image of the band or set and project the infrared "night vision" image as an effect. It also functions as a standard video camera in professionally lit environments for many other potential uses.

For special effect functions, the Digital Eye can capture live action and project it through another DL1 projection/video wall as it happens. Or, the action can be captured and sent to the Catalyst Media Server, where it can be manipulated, colorized, layered and mixed with other Catalyst effects to be projected at that time back through another DL1 or projection/video wall. Live images may also be saved in the Catalyst Media Server as a digital file for future use.

Having a Digital Eye inside DL1's moving yoke allows the user to capture action from different and unusual angles where conventional cameras plus the cameraman cannot operate, or where a camera setup would normally be obtrusive to the view.

The technology is protected from theatrical effects such as fog, dust and pyro by DL1’s patent-pending filtration system.

High End Systems offers a Digital Eye upgrade kit for existing DL1 users. It may also be ordered as an option in a new DL1 purchased by authorized HES dealers.