Goboland Worldwide, an independent specialized leader in the manufacture of glass gobos, announces the opening of its New York City location. Unique to Goboland gobos is the stronger aluminum layer with perfect adhesion properties. Sizes range from 0.65" (16.8 mm) up to 3.94" (100 mm). Goboland gobos come with a matted aluminum layer to avoid reflection between lens and gobo. The company invites interested dealers to contact them. Goboland products can be viewed on the company's website. For immediate availability of black-and-white, one- and two-color borosilicate glass gobos, contact:

Goboland, Inc.
394 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
phone: 212-334-7280
toll-free: 866-GOBOLAND
fax: 212-214-0729
e-mail: info@goboland.com
web: www.goboland.com