The Gene Moore award, named after the legendary designer at Tiffany & Co., was founded 13 years ago by Lighting Services Inc (LSI), to recognize the talent, creativity and magic of display window designers. The competition celebrates the designers' ability to create inspired three-dimensional art accented with creative lighting.

Known for powerful window displays, Ralph Lauren Sport tapped Shelly Sabel, an independent designer, to create the lighting for its holiday 2003 display in New York. The winning design, The Ski Lodge, was one of six modern winter sport-themed windows. Sabel was able to achieve her goal of allowing the light to "reveal the product and the room with a cold afternoon sensibility." The key and fill light effects were created with LSI fixtures and a series of light blocking screens, spread lenses, and daylight filters. The judges praised the designer for "creating such a clear, crisp mood and setting that was inherently consistent with the products on display." Sabel, who has a background in theatrical lighting, collaborated with scenery designer Eric Warner. As the top prize winner of the 2003 LSI/Gene Moore Award, Sabel received $2,500.

Second prize was awarded to James Ranson of Saks Fifth Avenue for his Symphony of Christmas window at the flagship store. The display featured evening attire in "a frosty Christmas world." Ransom, who received $1,500, used LSI fixtures along with multiple color filters (pink, blue, and amber) to create a shimmering, intimate scene where warm light and shadows play over the central figure. The judges were impressed by the "subtle use of color, which gave the entire display a remarkable feeling of elegance, style and grace through the use of layered lighting."

Janis Bell, national visual director at Holt Renfrew in Toronto, took third place honors with a window display entitled The Night before Christmas that featured a scene from the beloved holiday poem, presented as an open pop-up book. Bell utilized LSI's track-mounted BP75 framing projectors and LN36 fixtures to accent the composition with deep shadows. The purpose of the display was to delight shoppers and "offer an element of surprise." The judges commended Bell for "the dramatic three dimensional feeling that was prominent throughout the entire display."

The competition is open to designers everywhere who use LSI's products to light their displays. The deadline to enter the 2004 competition is November 30. Entry forms can be found at