GAM Products

introduces the Inno-Four™ Motor-Yoke 2™, a remote controllable yoke for moving spotlights that further increases the capabilities of lighting professionals worldwide. The Motor-Yoke 2 can now be used for practically any stage or studio fixture up to 88lbs. and can be controlled with silent and smooth 16-bit pan and tilt motion.

The Motor Yoke 2 is designed for exact position reproduction and the ability to quietly return to its correct position after being accidentally moved. Features include: 364º horizontal range of motion with a maximum speed of 25 seconds with 16-bit control (two channels); 180º vertical range of motion with a maximum speed of 14 seconds; backlash-free worm drive with safety coupling to prevent damage during transportation and installation; returns to programmed position automatically if it is accidentally move; and reproducible precision of the horizontal and vertical position <0.1º.

Motor-Yoke 2 with an Arri Fresnel

Available options include: remote control iris; motorized focus; motorized zoom; color scroller; Inno-Dim 170 or 360 dimmer shutters; and GAM SX4 with loop tray or six gobo tray. Control/power units are available for one and six Motor-Yoke 2 units, either individually or in multiples. They operate on input power from 85 to 260V AC 50/60Hz for worldwide operation and compatibility with DMX control consoles.

GAM Products
Los Angeles, CA