Alan Garretson, formerly with High End Systems Financial Services for more than four years, recently left High End to start his own entertainment industry financing company, Austin-based FX Financial. The company works with resellers, end-users, and manufacturers to provide the most purchasing options for the industry. High End Systems customers seeking financing alternatives for product purchases are being referred to FX Financial.

"FX Financial is delighted to continue its involvement with High End Systems," says Garretson, president of FX Financial. "The two companies have an unwavering commitment to excellence and a dedication to the well-being of the industry. This extended partnership ensures that High End's authorized resellers and end-users will have access to the most aggressive financing options."

John Wiseman, VP of worldwide sales for High End Systems, says, "We're pleased to continue to work with Alan and to offer our customers an alternative plan to purchase our lighting fixtures and consoles."

Garretson adds, "High End realizes that it takes a relatively large investment to acquire its products. By offering a low monthly payment option, High End erases any pricing gap between itself and its lower-end competitors. End-users can no longer spend precious capital for automated lighting in anticipation of future revenue increases. Financing revenue-producing equipment is the fiscally responsible decision, and the leasing solutions now offered by High End through FX Financial represent the most popular options in North America."

FX Financial can be contacted by phone at 866-371-6741 (toll-free), by fax at 512-481-0238; a website is under construction at