FX Financial announced today that it has completed the negotiation of a $100 million line of funds to be used for the financing of equipment within the entertainment industry. These funds are to be utilized over the next four years for automated, conventional, and architectural lighting, projectors, digital media, controllers, associated entertainment gear, and most general office equipment.

"It represents a commitment from institutions that have traditionally eschewed our industry," says Alan Garretson, president of FX Financial. "Obviously, we’re excited that FX Financial has access to these funds, but it’s a sign that analysts see our industry recovering, even prospering over the next 10 years. They’re putting their money on the table for our segment of the entertainment industry. This capital infusion will help lessen the severity of the business cycle. Our business model won’t change. However, this commitment of funds drives down rates which we will most certainly pass on to the industry."

Manufacturers, dealers, and end users can call FX Financial toll-free at 866-371-6741 or visit www.fx-financial.com.