High End Systems

is now shipping WYSIWYG dongles to all current owners of Wholehog III lighting consoles. Current owners must register for their WYSIWYG upgrade kit at http://www.flyingpig.com or http://www.highend.com Each upgrade kit consists of the most current Wholehog III operating software, WYSIWYG Console Edition software and a WYSIWYG dongle.

Since the release of Wholehog III operating software version 1.3.6 in May, all new consoles been bundled with WYSIWYG Console Edition software and dongles. This new version of WYSIWYG connects directly to the Wholehog III system via Ethernet. It provides 512 channels of visualization and auto-focus functionality. In future versions of Wholehog III software, additional functions such as patch transfer and blind preview will be possible.

WYSIWYG Console Edition is a feature-rich version of the well-known visualization tool, which includes CAD, data management and rendering functionalities. If additional channels of visualization are required, the supplied dongle can be easily and quickly upgraded to another level of WYSIWYG.

"Basically the WYSIWYG Console Edition is a complete lighting visualization tool," says Ben Sandford of CAST Software. "This version is easily upgradable to a full copy of the WYSIWYG Perform software, by calling your ETC dealer."