Lighting Dimensions

Magazine will launch its free newsletter E*Wire to thousands of subscribers today. Sponsored exclusively by Barbizon Lighting, the mailing will be sent out to designers, manufacturers, distributors and technicians every Thursday.

“The readers of Lighting Dimensions are busy people, with jobs that take them all over the world,” says LD editor David Barbour. “It can be hard for them to keep up with the latest industry developments. Now, with LD E*Wire, they can get a weekly bulletin that rapidly brings them up to date, and fills them in on the latest people and product news as well.”

Each issue of LD E*Wire will provide subscribers with a rundown of the week’s top news stories, as well as a fun, gossipy glimpse at the latest shows and projects in a section called Seen & Heard. And, as an exclusive to E*Wire, we’ll also provide you with a special focus on an important industry newsmaker, be it a person, product or project.

And just to keep you posted on what’s going on around here, E*Wire will also provide previews of upcoming issues of Lighting Dimensions, plus regular updates from both the Lighting Dimensions International trade show and the annual Entertainment Design EDDY Awards.

Thanks to LD*Wire, we can bring you up to speed in record time. No matter where you are, you’ll be in touch. Click here to subscribe.

Or, click here to visit the website of Barbizon, the exclusive sponsor of LD E*Wire.