FogScreen Inc. was chosen as one of the IST Prize winners. The IST prize is awarded for European innovations with most business potential and technical excellence among other things.

The European IST Prize is organized by the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, with the sponsorship and support of the Information Society Technologies Programme of the European Commission.

FogScreen has been asked to participate in the IST event in Den Haag 15-17 November, where three IST Grand Prize Winners will be selected among the IST Prize Winners. "We have taken part in three competitions: InnoSuomi, VentureCup, Laval Virtual Awards and IST Prize, and we have been chosen either as a winner or a finalist every time," says FogScreen CEO Mika Herpio. "That implies the ingenuity of our invention. Perhaps the biggest outcome of this prize may be increased possibility for funding from the Information Society Technologies Programme in the future."

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