The Nashville Predators, the NHL hockey team based in Nashville, TN, have purchased a Fat Frog console from Zero 88. The sale was handled by local dealer Bandit Lites.

Jimmy Corn, of the Nashville Predators, specified the Fat Frog after an exhaustive search of existing consoles. He chose the Frog, he says, because it “offered the best bang for the buck,” and also had “the most features in the price range.”

The Fat Frog will run eight Mac 2000s, four High End Systems Cyberlights, plus some special effects as well as conventional units. (The effects units are employed for pre-game entertainment, intermission, and when goals are scored during games). Corn wanted an easy-to-learn console, for inexperienced operators, yet one that would be powerful enough to perform edits on the fly. The Frog is used for up to 42 games a game; it will also be made available to incoming acts at the Gaylord Entertainment center in Nashville, where the Predators play.

The Fat Frog is distributed in the US by A.C. Lighting Inc.