BSR E1.25-200x, Recommended Basic Conditions for Measuring the Photometric Output of Stage and Studio Luminaries by Measuring Illumination Levels Produced on a Planar Surface, is new standards-drafting project intended to help manufacturers collect the data that is required to be reported in ANSI E1.9 - 2001, Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Entertainment Lighting. The adoption of that standard has been slowed by the lack of rules for the basic test conditions for any of the commonly used photometry systems that involve shining the light from a luminaire at a flat screen or wall.

Flat-wall photometry, either using a digital camera photometry system or a simple hand-held meter to measure the illumination levels, is the most common type used by stage and studio luminaire manufacturers, but no standards exist to provide guidance for these methods. This project is to define the basic test conditions for these methods so that the data from different manufacturers can be compared on an "apples to apples" basis (as the cliché goes) for measuring methods that use some version of a flat wall. The project does not include defining the actual test methods, which are covered or will be covered by other documents, but confines itself to specifying the basic requirements for the lamps, luminaires, test equipment, and test environment.

BSR E1.25-200x is a project of the Photometrics Working Group, part of ESTA's Technical Standards Program. All parties interested in working on this project are invited to participate by either joining the Photometric Working Group or by commenting on the draft document when it is made available for public review. Membership in ESTA is not a requirement for participation.

There is no charge for joining the Photometrics Working Group, but voting members must attend meetings, which are held four times a year in various locations in the United States. Membership is requested by submitting a working group membership application.

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