Sound and lighting installation specialist CP Sound has been developing an innovative new LED lighting technology concept. The fixture is a screen encased in a custom aluminium extrusion, supplied as a 10mm thick panel, capable of unobtrusive and elegant integration into any environment. It is made from laser-etched acrylic sidelit by DMX-controllable LED strips. When light is caught in the etching, a prism effect directs it evenly across the panel fascia. The first installation of this new technology has just been completed in the exclusive Eclipse wine bar and bistro in London.

CP Sound was approached by the owner of the Eclipse series of wine bar/bistros after several recommendations. He wanted a color lighting concept for the VIP area in the Kensington nightspot, a simple but high-impact effect to brighten this small but stylish corner. The VIP room is highly exclusive and totally white, complete with high-backed curvy seating and low tables. One 1500x1000 mm screen was sufficient to produce a rich, comfortable color saturation throughout the room. CP complemented the screen output with the addition of Pulsar ChromeDome color-changing LED fixtures for wall uplighting and for flooding the ceiling. These are situated behind the curved seating backs. The screen and the Pulsar luminaires are linked by DMX and color-change in tandem.

The system can produce 16 million colors and an infinite variety of combinations, offering the flexibility of coloring the room to highlight specific promotions like corporate events or for more conventional mood lighting. Other advantages include low running costs, great longevity, and light weight.