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November 2001

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CONCERT: Aerosmith
Jim Chapman lights Aerosmith’s Just Push Play tour, which has been proving that there’s plenty of life left in 80s rock. This spectacular production features a full complement of LSD and Vari-Lite equipment.

UPGRADE: Boston University
Boston University has just completed an upgrade the lighting in four of its performance venues. T new systems include ETC Obsession consoles, ETC Sensor dimmers, an ETC Unison system, conventional fixtures by ETC, Altman, Selecon, and L&E, with followspots by Strong. The new automated fixture inventory includes Wybron CXI color-mixing scrollers, Rosco gobo rotators, High End Systems Data Flash strobes, HES Studio Spots, HES Studio Colors, and HES Cyberlights.. Consultants on the project include the Boston office of Barbizon Lighting, Boston Edison, Boston Illumination Group, and Pigott Electric.

FILM: Roger Deakins Returns
The noted DP creates a stunning black and white look for the new film from the Coen Brothers, The Man Who Wasn’t There, as well as for Russell Crowe’s new vehicle A Beautiful Mind.

The coolest part of Disney’s California Adventure theme park, Paradise Pier recalls the amusement parks of yesteryear, with lots of interesting lighting, including sunburst Ferris Wheel that is a lighting story in itself. ETC and ETC Irideon lead a list of lighting players.

RETAIL: The QVC Store at the Mall of America
Everybody’s favorite shopping channel opens a new store at everybody’s favorite mall. Of course, this store is rigged for broadcast, as well. Strand, transtechnik, and ARRI are the top companies involved.

SPORTING EVENTS: Festival of the Worlds
This top athletic event, held in Edmonton, Alberta this past August was also a festival of entertainment technology. A nightly festival held in conjunction with the game included international performers on a staged equipped by Westun, with a laser and light show featuring Space Cannon units from Light America.

CLUBS: The Orlando Club Scene
Check out the clubs in America’s top family fun spot. The Matrix is the first of two Martin night spots, while Blue Room Orlando has the Clay Paky gear.

PLASA REPORT: Fresh from Earls Court
What went on, what debuted, who was there, at Europe’s top lighting industry trade show.

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