"Behind the Scenes with Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer"

Entertainment Design magazine teams up with Gotham TV to present the top Broadway lighting designers in exclusive interviews and specially taped backstage footage. The segment will air on Gotham TV on Sunday, April 29, 2001 at 9 pm on the MSG Metro Channel.

Lighting Dimensions: Coming in June 2001!

FILM 2001: A cinematic odyssey

LD looks at some of the summer’s hottest releases, with coverage spearheaded by film/TV editor John Calhoun. Grab a seat for lighting news about...

Pearl Harbor, at $135 million, the most expensive movie to be flashed the green light, which recreates the fateful battle on a suitably epic scale. This Memorial Day weekend monster from Armageddon director Michael Bay stars Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Sizemore, Alec Baldwin, and Jon Voight as FDR, and features authentic planes and battleships alongside digital models. Cinematographer John Schwartzman, who also shot Armageddon and The Rock for Bay, is in charge of capturing the battle–which took 40 days to shoot–on film. By Robert Cashill.

DP Don McAlpine reunites with his Romeo & Juliet director, fellow Australian Baz Luhrmann, on Moulin Rouge, a musical vision of 1899 Paris dipped in psychedelia and disco lighting. Poet Ewan McGregor is in love with courtesan Nicole Kidman, and their romance is scored to the sounds of the Beatles, David Bowie, and Madonna. The title club, one of the first buildings in Paris with electric light, was reinvented on the stages of Fox Studios in Sydney, and McAlpine, whose credits range from pioneering Down Under features like My Brilliant Career and Breaker Morant to such Hollywood blockbusters as Mrs. Doubtfire and Clear and Present Danger, pulls out the stops with color and camera movement. By John Calhoun.

Another period film moving to an anachronistic beat is Brian Helgeland’s A Knight’s Tale. This story of 14th-century jousting champ Heath Ledger uses the triumphal arena-rock music of Queen and others as contemporary accompaniment for its enthusiastically waged tournaments. DP Richard Greatrex, Academy Award nominee for Shakespeare in Love, supplies the handsome visual icing to this Prague-shot medieval treat. By Amy L. Slingerland.

Glam rock is the musical fuel that propels the shiny, paste-jewelry style of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, directed by and adapted from his hit stage show by star John Cameron Mitchell. The title character of this winner at the Sundance Film Festival is a transgendered East German pop star wannabe touring a chain of fast-food restaurants in the American heartland. Cinematographer Frank G. DeMarco, a documentary and indie-film stalwart, puts some glitter into Hedwig’s tacky existence. By John Calhoun.

DP Michael Chapman has taken on everything from Raging Bull to The Fugitive to Ghostbusters, and this summer he trains his lenses on Evolution. In this Ivan Reitman-directed science-fiction comedy, Julianne Moore helps X-Files star David Duchovny face another sort of alien life form in the barren Lake Powell region of Arizona. Chapman talks with John Calhoun about his career, his early collaboration with Martin Scorsese, and the challenge of bringing visual texture to comedy.


ARCHITECTURE: Northern exposures

Julie Rekai Rickerd examines a number of Canadian projects blending theatrical and architectural lighting, including the Dynamic Earth exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum (suppliers: Dataton, Osram Sylvania, Absolute Action), a Viking exhibition (lit with Fiberstars gear), the Meow nightclub, and St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Ontario, lit with a TIR Systems TLP6 light pipe system.

CONCERTS: Matchbox Twenty

Concert technology leaps into the 21st century on the band’s current Mad Season tour. Using the latest motor-control systems from Chain Master, in combination with Vari*Lite® automated fixtures and Telescan projectors (Branam Enterprises did the rigging), LD Marc Brickman creates a sumptuous visual feast that Sharon Stancavage digs into.

THEATRE: Judgment at Nuremberg/The Invention of Love

Brian MacDevitt lights two new Broadway dramas. Judgment is based on the famous film about the Nuremberg trials; lighting plays a major role in this production’s stark and gripping design. Invention is Tom Stoppard’s new play about Victorian poet A.E. Housman and many of his contemporaries; MacDevitt’s lighting is a key player in the production’s dreamlike atmosphere.

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