Lumileds Lighting

announced that Color Kinetics has selected Lumileds’ Luxeon Power Light Sources for use in three new products in its bColorTM Series of intelligent color-changing LED fixtures. The choice was based on Luxeon’s ability to generate significantly increased light output in a single LED package, making it possible to use far fewer LEDs to achieve the desired intensity.

Luxeon LEDs will provide the illumination for Color Kinetics’ ColorBlast® 6 and ColorBlast 12 indoor/outdoor wall-washing fixtures as well as the ColorBurst™ 6 spotlight fixture, all scheduled for fall release. The ColorBlast 12, the largest of the three, will utilize 36 Luxeon 1-Watt Emitter packages to produce the same light output that would require 360 conventional high-brightness LEDs.

"We select the LEDs that are the best fit for a particular product, and Luxeon’s performance and higher intensity per unit are well-suited to our new ColorBlast and ColorBurst models," said William Sims, president and COO at Color Kinetics. "We can reduce the number of LEDs we need to build into the fixture, and we also have the ability to deliver greater light output from the same form factor. This simplifies engineering, reduces cost per lumen, and gives us a lot of flexibility."

Each Luxeon 1-Watt Emitter produces 30 lumens of white light and up to 40 lumens in color, compared to just 2 to 5 lumens in white and comparably low color output available from other LED light sources.

Luxeon lamps also offer lumen maintenance and color uniformity advantages over other LED light sources. Luxeon LEDs employ a clear-coat gel that retains 90% of its output after 11,000 hours and is expected to resist significant lumen depreciation for 50,000 hours under typical conditions. Luxeon’s phosphor coating technology also overcomes the undesirable color variations and halo effects of other solid-state light sources, significantly improving the color consistency and beam quality of white light. Luxeon 1-Watt Emitters and Stars are available in white and multiple colors through Future Electronics (800-FUTURE-1) or direct from Lumileds.