City Theatrical

launches Lightwright 4™, the newest version of John McKernon’s paperwork software tool that has become the standard of the entertainment lighting industry.

Lightwright was named one of the “Products that Changed Our World” by Lighting Dimensions Magazine in 2002, and Version 4 was awarded the LDI 2002 Promising Prototype award for software. I have used earlier versions of Lightwright and have observed its growth over the years into the program that every lighting designer, and more importantly, every assistant lighting designer and electrician should have on their computers. The recent improvements promise to make everyone’s life easier and easier to read than some designers’ chicken scratch on a yellow legal pad.

Lightwright has been used on over 90% of all Broadway shows over the last 10 years and gives designers and electricians sophisticated tools for tackling the enormously complicated job of compiling and maintaining lighting paperwork. Simply put, there is no other software that handles lighting paperwork like Lightwright does, and that’s why it is the professional’s choice.

New features in Lightwright 4 include:

  • Up to 30,000 worksheet rows

  • Up to 6,000 purposes, 6,000 positions, 6,000 colors, etc.

  • 62 universes of DMX

  • 100 moving light libraries per show

  • Stores accessories, weights, symbols, and template holder sizes

  • Work notes database includes work note, status, and category

  • Integrated focus chart database including notes, sketches, and photos

  • Decimal attributes for channels, dimmers, and unit numbers

  • Worksheet changes flagged automatically

  • User-definable watermarks to customize printouts

  • New reports, error checks, and user definable categories

  • New student version

City Theatrical, Inc. is a Bronx, New York, based manufacturer of unique lighting accessories and winner of 20 product and business awards in the last eight years. Products include the award-winning WDS Wireless Dimming System™, AutoYoke®, and Lightwright 4™, as well as an extensive catalog of theatrical lighting accessories.

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