Color Kinetics Incorporated

and City Theatrical, Inc. announce a collaboration to deliver a full line of versatile accessories for use with Color Kinetics’ line of professional LED-based lighting systems. The accessories will enhance the flexibility of Color Kinetics’ systems and expand creative options for lighting designers through greater control of light dispersion and effects.

The first release of accessories is designed for use with Color Kinetics’ ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and ColorBlaze™ units – providing a range of adaptable tools to harness and manipulate light and wall-washing or spotlighting effects. Standard accessories include accessory holders, top hats, half top hats, spread lenses, egg crate louvers, and barndoors. Recognizing the wide-ranging needs of lighting designers and consultants, the program also accommodates custom accessories for special projects.

“This collaboration underscores Color Kinetics’ commitment to deliver complete LED-based systems that apply superior technology along with the critical technical, functional, and aesthetic requirements of our customers,” says Bill Sims, president and COO, Color Kinetics. “We’re pleased to work with City Theatrical, the recognized leader in lighting accessories, to provide a one-stop solution that spans intelligent LED-based lights, power, control, authoring, and now, versatile accessories.”

“Today’s lighting designers demand flexibility and the option of customization to achieve their individual designs,” says Gary Fails, president, City Theatrical. “Color Kinetics opened completely new doors in design with its intelligent LED systems, and we look forward to taking these systems further with custom engineered accessories that provide even more options for users.”

Accessories are available in materials for both wet and dry environments and in black, white, and bonded aluminum colors.

Accessories are available worldwide today and can be purchased through Color Kinetics Distribution, Inc. at 630-285-9772 or and through City Theatrical dealers. See for a complete list.