In a moment that will live in infamy, TMB announces the hiring of the company’s first ever Australian employee! As part of TMBs continuing worldwide expansion, Chris Curran joins the sales team at TMB UK.

Chris has an extensive background in professional lighting and rental operations down under, with four years as operations manager for Chameleon Touring Systems, and two-years as rental manager for Graftons Lighting.

Chris, well known for the phrase, “I’ve never seen a bad looking sheep,” already had a long-standing relationship as a customer of TMB. While on walk about in London, he stumbled into Paul Hartley, TMBs European general manager, in a pub, and the next day woke up with a hangover and a job!

In the words of Tony Davies from Chameleon: “Sometimes, to move backwards, you have to take a step forwards.”

“TMB has always been rampantly anti-Australian, even before last year’s vicious, unprovoked Koala attack on our sales manager, Tommy Stephenson,” states TMBs CEO Colin Waters. “Considering this, the hiring of Chris Curran speaks volumes for his awesome talents and incredible good looks, not forgetting his unique athletic abilities.”