Robe Show Lighting ColorSpot and ColorWash 575 luminaires were chosen as part of an extensive production upgrade at the Cathedral of His Glory in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Dennis Willis, the Cathedral’s executive Pastor has always sought to change traditional perceptions of the church. His aim is to give this 21st century ministry the ability to praise loudly and flamboyantly–encouraging a younger and more eclectic crowd through the portals for some positive interaction with the Lord.

The Cathedral, established in 1976 by Senior pastor Dr Paul C Willis, seats approximately 2,200 parishioners, and their worship services and productions are renowned in the area. He firmly believed that moving lights would enhance the strong spiritual presence and energy already existing in the Cathedral, reaching out to a generation sometimes overlooked.

The Cathedral’s Technical Director Kenny Brutcher – himself an experienced production crew chief and systems designer and installer – put the technical plan into action. He contacted locally based sound and lighting supplier Carey Sound, looking for fixtures with plenty of functionality. Nicole Franklin, VP of Sales for Carey Sound was keen to give Robe a chance, and invited the company – along with other leading brands – to demonstrate how their lights would work in situ.

"Robe America were brilliant" she says, "They supported me 100%, and I knew they would do the same for the Cathedral if we won the contract." Robe was called back for a second demo, after which Brutcher made his decision to go with Robe Show Lighting.

Carey Sound placed their order for 12 ColorSpot 1200s and 12 Color Wash 575s. Eight 575 Washes and six Spots are flown on a 60’ truss above the stage, with four Spots and Washes located at FOH, and the two remaining 575 Spots on the stage floor. Brutcher and his team are so delighted with the installation and the fixtures that they are planning to incorporate Robe ColorSpot 1200s into the lighting scheme the near future.

The new technology was unveiled on "Sunday at 7", a concert series hosting the latest national recording Christina artists and special guest worship teams. It’s pitched at those who believe that the church should be fresh, exciting, and on the cutting edge.

While it was originally intended to use the lights primarily on "Sunday at 7," with more people appreciating the creative dynamics and possibilities, the Robes are being used extensively for all the events staged in the hall including the more traditional services like Sunday Morning. Pastor Dennis Willis states that he receives a constant stream of emails praising the lighting and the stunning quality, color and vitality of the Cathedral’s presentations and productions.