With the introduction of Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software, High End Systems Inc. now offers two scalable Catalyst Media Server solutions for any size of project and budget.

High End Systems (HES) is now segmenting their Media Server products into Catalyst Pro and Catalyst DV offerings. In 2003, HES introduced the Catalyst Pro v3.0 Media Server, featuring four video layers and twin outputs. Now designers also have the option of the Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software, which offers three cross-fadable video layers and one output. The Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software has RS232 and RS422 serial control capabilities, allowing it to control a multitude of video switchers and playback devices.

The user of Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server can apply more than 80 visual and color effects to digital media. It can be used with the HES DL1 Digital Light fixture or any other video output device. The real time rendering capability translates to zero downtime for modifying content. All the software packages are based on the fastest Apple Power MAC processing and video card technologies. Any effect may be instantly applied to a Quicktime movie or still image. This creative freedom allows users to build on an initial concept without costing the production time and money.

The server’s instant access to more than 64,000 file locations makes waiting to forward or rewind to a piece of content no longer necessary. Loading content onto a Catalyst Media Server is as easy as "dragging and dropping" the file into the library system. DMX control of digital media and video allows for unified control of lighting and video by tying lighting and video cues to one control desk.

With the Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and software users access moving light images and features, project video content, or create "virtual scenery" and have unlimited lighting control, props, backdrops and signage. Combining Catalyst Software with DL1, LED displays, Plasma monitors, and large and small format LCD and DLP projectors creates a dynamic, exciting presentation.