Technology is always evolving and Bandit Lites is pleased to announce the latest innovation in the World Headquarters office in Knoxville, TN. Bandit now has wireless computer capabilities in its building. Due to the size of the space, wireless network capabilities were necessary to allow drawings, equipment lists, and all other information to be accessed and updated from anywhere in the facility. This capability is due to the work of Bandit’s computer resources department, directed by Jim Guinn. “This allows our road crew to access the internet and the company network without us having to run network cables through out the warehouse,” Guinn said. Bandit Lites vice president Richard Willis said, “This technology will help the road crew communicate more effectively when they are in the warehouse prepping a show.”

The new system is predicted to help Bandit staff save time. It is designed for faster communication and more efficient time management for road crew and management alike. Although the technology is presently available only in the World Headquarters, Guinn said it will be implemented at all Bandit Lites locations in the near future.