Jurassic 5

Hip-hop artists Jurassic 5 have taken to the road in support of their CD Power in Numbers. The band conjures up an energy that evokes a bygone era in hip-hop, when it seemed to be all about making music and having fun. Using a variety of moving lights, LD Baz Halpin creates a high-energy feeling that echoes the music. "Baz’s design works perfectly for the band, the show looks great, and it has been a pleasure to work with both Jurassic 5 and Baz again," said Mark Powell, general manager of Bandit Lites London. Bandit supplied six Martin Professional MAC 250s, 12 MAC 300s, six MAC 500s, four MAC 600s, and one Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II console.

The Levellers

UK alternative veterans the Levellers are also touring, in support of their new album Green Blade Rising. This is the band’s first offering since 2000, and the engaging mix of punk-folk music is lit by Nick Ayres. "It is a pleasure to work with a great designer like Nick and to continue working with such a cult band as the Levellers," said Powell. Bandit Lites gear includes eight Martin MAC 2000s, eight High End Systems Studio Colors, 56 PAR bars, four 4-lights, four 8-lights, and one Avolites Pearl 2000 console. Crew includes lighting technicians Rob Watson and Jim Alison.