Bandit Lites

bought eight Coemar SuperCyc 2.4s from Coemar UK to fulfill Pete Barnes’ lighting design for Westlife’s 18-week European tour. Bandit general manager Mark Powell says his company is supplying 13 SuperCycs in all, some commandeered from the American inventory. "These are popular lights with us," he stated.

Five SuperCycs are being used to rear-project onto a cyc immediately behind the band, while another is used to create a backlight effect as the band make its stage entrance. The remainder are used dramatically as understage uplighters, firing up from the 4' recess at a 60'-wide, clear perspex decking, treated with diffused gel. Board operator Barry Halpin believes that the latest versions of the SuperCycs offer a better color range and greater saturation. "They have performed tremendously on this tour," he said.

Westlife photo © Louise Stickland

Coemar’s SuperCyc 2.4 is a recent addition to the Panorama family of high-power, wide-angle CYM color-mixing cyc/wash fixtures. The company’s Twin Lamp Technology (TLT) features two Philips MSR 1200/2 (or MSD) lamps mounted axially in parabolic dichroic cold mirror reflectors for 2,400W of wash power and full pan and tilt (425° pan, 212° tilt) capabilities.