Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc., a manufacturer of motion picture projection and long-range follow spotlights, has announced the sale of certain assets and business operations of Xenotech Rental Corp., located in North Hollywood, CA, to the former division vice president and general manager of the unit for an undisclosed sum. Ballantyne will continue to manufacture, market, and sell a full range of Xenotech products, and will continue to maintain a distribution relationship with the new unit, Arc Light Efx, Inc.

Gregory A. Smith, Arc Light Efx president and CEO, stated, "We have weathered the storms and we will now focus on providing our customers with the products and services they expect." Specializing in large-format xenon lighting instruments, Arc Light Efx Inc. offers product sales, rental, and service for Lycian and Strong spotlights, Maxa Beam handheld searchlights, Nocturn UV, Pacific Gel, Power Gems, Sky-Tracker, Syncrolite, and the Xenotech Britelight. Arc Light Efx will also offer a selection of xenon bulb products from Superior Quartz Products, Yumex, Osram, Lighting Technologies International, and Ushio. For more information visit the website or call 818-255-0620.