just-launched eDMX wireless control solution will be making its European show debut this Spring. The Avolites eDMX system transfers DMX data across a Wi-Fi radio link - completely removing the need for DMX data cables.

eDMX units are easily addressed and user configured, either as transmitters or receivers, allowing the fast set up of “Point-to-Point”, “Point-to-Multipoint” or “Multipoint to Multipoint” DMX Data Transmission Systems. Each transmit/receive pair of eDMX units relays data for one DMX universe at full speed, with ranges of up to one kilometer.

eDMX units can be used as a free-standing device to receive data from “front of house” consoles, thus feeding all the data into an existing wired splitter, or it can be attached directly to an intelligent lighting fixture or a chain of fixtures.

The deployment of eDMX is totally user definable - one per light, one per pipe or truss, or one just one to overcome the front of house data leap. eDMX is compact enough to be housed within a moving light fixture, removing the necessity for any data cable. Once an 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network is set up, eDMX will automatically locate its data.

eDMX works across multiple networks — each eDMX contains its own unique addressing protocol and each unit can be set to receive data from a different universe for multiple universe situations. Each eDMX unit can act as a pre-patch unit, saving users from having to re- address the moving light in situ. eDMX also has a complete inbuilt Web Server that can be used to view its signal-to-noise ratio, or to provide manufacturer-specific data from the lamp head across an intranet.

Avolites eDMX transfers DMX data across a Wi-Fi radio link

The eDMX System was recently used to send wireless DMX to each individual pod of the London Eye for the capital’s high profile “All Eyes on London” New Years Eve 2003/04 celebrations. eDMX was by LD Gary Collins used to stream 33 strings of DMX between the Wholehog lighting controller and lighting fixtures located in each of the London Eye’s 32 capsules and around its pontoon base.

Avo’s Steve Warren says, “There’s been huge interest in wireless DMX systems from rental companies, theme parks, events companies and theatrical productions. eDMX allows us to send lighting data to anything, anywhere, from carnival floats to moving stage sets or to the top of buildings and monuments!”