Artistic Licence will re-launch its LED-based digital lighting range in the US at the 2004 ETS-LDI show in Las Vegas.

Artistic Licence offers a range of LED-based color mixing products that includes 'off-the-shelf' products along with a projects department focused on bespoke design. The company recently completed two major projects in London, totalling over 100,000 LEDs. The Projects department continues to expand with 'in-progress' sites in Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

"We are very excited about the US re-launch of our LED range. We have a diverse product range and a committed projects team that has a lot to offer the US market," said Artistic Licence's managing director Wayne Howell. "Many of our competitors take an 'if it's not in the catalogue, we don't do it' attitude. That's where we differ; we'll build it for you."

Howell added that the company has been out of the US market for a few years due to a patent dispute with a rival manufacturer. "But during that time we've been very busy," he says. "We've negotiated two key patent licensing deals that I believe make our competitors' patent library look worthless. Add that to our aggressive product development cycle and you have a potent mix. I realistically expect to see the Artistic Licence catalogue on top of the others in the very near future."

Punctuating the re-launch, numerous new products will be on display at the 2004 ETS-LDI show, key among them are the Pixi-Led and Pixi-Bulb. Both products are aimed at the cross-over market between video and lighting with applications ranging from TV set work to architectural features.

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