Artistic Licence

launched the Pixi Range of luminaires and accessories at SIEL in Paris this week, as seen on the stand of their French Distributor ESL. They launched two new products from the range: Pixi-Led, a self contained LED luminaire aimed primarily at the architectural lighting market, and Pixi-Power, a stand alone power supply designed specifically for the Pixi-Led products.

Pixi-Led fixtures were displayed in a 12 x 10 matrix forming an array of 120 elements suspended from a truss beam using the optional Pixi-Power hook clamps. One of the unique features of the fixture is the support system. Their own data and power ribbon cables support them thus simplifying installation.

The revolutionary concept behind Pixi-Led is the ability to create a fusion of lighting and video allowing designers to achieve an almost limitless combination of effects. The fixtures use new "point-source" RGB colour mixing which creates both an exceptionally bright white light output and, with their consistent colour mixing ability, provides an enhanced colour palette with a superior range of pastel colours and tints.

To ensure future compatibility, Pixi-Led is both DMX512-A and RDM compatible. It has both temperature and voltage sensors that report the status of each unit back to the controller to facilitate accurate monitoring of the units. The Pixi range of lighting fixtures and accessories are currently patent pending.

Pixi-Power is a stand-alone power supply unit that can control and power up to 20 Pixi-Leds. It has an integral mounting plate that allows it to be mounted either vertically or horizontally on any surface. Pixi-Power can also be truss-mounted using the optional Pixi-Power hook clamps.

The Pixi-Led matrix will be controlled by a Colour-Tramp system as recently featured in the Broadgate / Finsbury Avenue Square LED installation. Colour-Tramp is much more than just a lighting controller, it provides a full implementation of V1.0 Remote Device Management.

Colour-Tramp is a new breed of lighting controller that communicates via the Art-Net Ethernet standard and implements all the functionality of Remote Device Management. This allows it to operate as both a lighting controller and an installation management system. One screen can show a topographic output mimic of the lighting whilst another shows sensor status of all the fixtures.

Colour-Tramp has an all-new video rendering capability that was demonstrated on the Pixi-Led matrix during the show. It offers a whole new set of tools for the lighting designer allowing video and programmed lighting states to be combined to create an even wider range of spectacular effects.

Also of note on the ESL stand is the new range of DMX512 splitters with support for the RDM V1.0 (Remote Device Management) Standard and the High End talkback protocol. RDM allows bi-directional communication over the DMX.

Other company news: Mark Thompson has joined Artistic Licence as technical sales manager. He will be using his experience in the professional lighting industry to further enhance sales, marketing, and project support.