Lightfair International 2004 provided a showcase for the newest Color Kinetics’ tools and technologies that deliver creative and practical LED-based lighting systems. At its intricately programmed and illuminated booth (#1900), Color Kinetics demonstrated new systems with advanced control and power/data technologies, diverse products developed by its OEM and licensing partners, and a wide range of noteworthy installations from around the globe–including the newly unveiled exterior façade of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

On Show: Highly Efficient Impact

Las Vegas's own Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just unveiled a captivating exterior that's lit with Color Kinetics' intelligent LED technology. According to a cost analysis, the new, high-tech lighting scheme is expected to net approximately $41,000 per year in operational savings.

Hard Rock lighting designer Warwick Stone and 4Wall Entertainment, a full-service entertainment lighting company, collaborated to design grand-scale, color-changing effects that wash up the 120’ façade with high output and color saturation. A total of 300 ColorBlast® 12 units were installed to generate a host of multi-color chases within columns of light.

On top of the aesthetic enhancement, ease of maintenance and energy conservation were key considerations for the project team, and Color Kinetics delivered on both fronts. The LED-based units are projected to draw approximately $1,900 in electricity within one year, while the previous metal halide-based fixtures drew approximately $18,000 annually. The estimated yearly maintenance expense for the LED-based units is $600, while the yearly expense for the previous fixtures was roughly $25,000 –and that doesn't include the additional costs of replacing the dichroic filters and ballasts on a periodic basis.

On Show: Versatile Systems and Technology

ColorCast(tm) 14 is a high-performance union of linear, low-profile fixture design and maximized light intensity for uniform casts of saturated color in wall washing and large alcove applications. ColorCast 14 is the first Color Kinetics product to feature the company's new, patent-pending method of digital power processing, which increases efficiency and lowers the total cost of the system by optimizing power and data management. More than just a means of integrating power onboard the fixture, this technology represents a completely new approach to power control and conversion. Because it accepts universal power input, it facilitates the installation of many ColorCast 14 units in a continuous run without the need for external power/data supplies. ColorCast 14 is 13.5" (34.3 cm) in length and IP66-rated for use in dry, wet, and damp environments.

iColor® Tile FX is a canvas for unlimited creative expression in the form of a 2' by 2' tile that distinguishes virtually any surface with previously unattainable color and effects. iColor Tile FX incorporates 144 individually addressable, tri-color LED nodes to enable intricate designs for wide-ranging applications in all environments–from a decorative wall accent to an integrated, multi-tile installation. The fine-grained control creates new possibilities for creating unique designs with light.

iColor Flex SL is a multi-purpose, LED-based strand that takes LED illumination to completely new spaces, accommodating expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size or shape. Each strand is comprised of 50 individually addressable, tri-color LED nodes that collectively produce remarkable sequences and patterns in versatile applications –from the lighting of 3D shapes, channel letters, logos and images to landscape and accent lighting, or large-scale exterior façade lighting. The strands are easily strung together to form grids of light, which can create uniquely shaped designs, patterns and complex light shows. iColor Flex SL is IP66-rated for use in dry, wet and damp environments.

iColor Cove® EC represents a milestone in the affordability of intelligent LED-based illumination for under cabinet, edge, and alcove lighting. iColor Cove EC applies Chromasic(tm) technology to lower the cost of digital LED control, thereby significantly lowering the cost of the total system. The sleek, low-profile unit is ideally suited for low ambient exhibit, hospitality, commercial, and residential applications in dry environments.

On Show: Next-Generation Control

Light System Manager is an integrated software/hardware solution engineered to enable large-scale and intricately designed installations cost effectively. The Light System Manager exceeds the limitations of today's lighting programming and network protocols. From stage, to themed environments, to architectural applications, Light System Manager facilitates the management, authoring, and control of show effects that span multiple DMX universes and scale to tens of thousands of individually controlled LED-based nodes, as demonstrated in the Color Kinetics booth.

On Show: OEM and Licensing Partners

Recognizing the value and increasingly pervasive role of LED illumination, Color Kinetics’ OEM and licensing partners align with the company for the benefits of its technology know-how and intellectual property, expertise, expedient marketing, and comprehensive technical and sales support.

The new Digital Light Engines (DLEs) are integrated OEM assemblies based on Color Kinetics' proven Chromacore® technology to facilitate the support process. The DLE includes LED-based lighting modules in various shapes and sizes, supported by comprehensive training, reference materials, and services to ensure the successful integration of Color Kinetics' technology into existing or new fixture designs.

At Lightfair 2004, Color Kinetics exhibited many third-party products that underscore the far-reaching advantages of intelligent LED illumination–from pool and spa lighting, to theatrical lighting, to automotive aftermarket lighting. Products were displayed from Altman Lighting, Balboa Instruments, B/E Aerospace, Hayward Pool Products, The Holmes Group, Intermatic, Tireflys, TouchTunes and Zumtobel Staff Lighting.